Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New paintings

What a beautiful day, I was meant to take some pictures to show you, but forgot to take my camera out with me.  I was in such a hurry as the sun was shining, the sky was blue, the birds were singing.
Have finished two paintings also !
It must have been the inspiration in the sea air.
The first painting is 7" X 5" it is a stretched canvas, I have painted this in acrylics and found part of a passage which I thought appropriate and also used this.
I am calling this painting 'trust'.
Many people do not understand the power behind the waves, living so near the beach I observe many incidents throughout the year of adults and children being rescued from the sea.


This painting will be going up for sale in my artwork  for sale.


I have also painted a miniature, a stretched canvas which comes on a easel !
The painting measures 2 .5" x 3. 5"
This is also a Acrylic painting of the sea.
this is titled 'Blue'


This painting is also for sale in 'Artwork for sale'

I have had a delivery of a item for some altered art, I cant wait to start this. I will post about this tomorrow.

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  1. beautiful paintings - both of them capture the power of the ocean.


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