Friday, 11 March 2011

Lawendula paper swap March

Have been part of March's paper swap at Lawendula, such a fun event.  My swap partner is Orit from Israel.
In the swap which was entitled scavenger hunt we had to include these items:

-something blue
-something old
-something new
-a paper that is nice to touch
-a paper with all colours of the rainbow on it
-a paper with words in a strange/foreign language
-a lovely package (e.g. from your favorite tea, sweets, perfume, whatever)
-a page from a magazine or newspaper you love
-an ad(vertisment) you love
-a piece of handpainted paper
-a doodle
-a newspaper page from your country/area
-a bus ticket (or train/Underground/metro, tram)
-a scented paper
-a found paper
-a paper with a quote you love
-a shocking paper (why? Color? Theme? Meaning?)
-a paper that means comfort to you (why?)
-a paper that is totally „you“ (why?)
We also had to write a few words on the questions to the last three items.

Here are a few of the papers that I posted
If you would like to join in the next swap for April, which is doodles pop over to Lawendula

Today I popped into my local crafting store Moments and bought a few new papers. They are now stocking the decoupage tissue papers, I bought one in pebbles.
These papers don't wrinkle like normal tissue paper and can adhere to anything!
will show what I make with it soon.


  1. Hi Sam,
    Oh, I can't wait to see what you make with the papers--they're beautiful! I have been doing decoupage stuff for 2 weeks...I'm now officially sick of Mod I never thought of using tissue paper--I may try it...and it could be easier too!

    I hope you had a good weekend!!


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