Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Every Inchie Mondays Challenge 'FROLIC'

Hello all,
well this weeks challenge was a challenge, I had difficulty thinking of what to do!
I decided to paint the beach and have two silhouettes frolicking in the surf.

This was very difficult on such a tiny 1"x1" square.
I had been making 4 tags for paper traders challenge, these have to be encoustic wax butterfly's.
I have never used this technique before so am pleased with the outcome.
I will post these tomorrow as still a bit tacky to handle.


  1. Wow Sam - this is fab - I've found this one tricky too - love the detail you've got on here

  2. Perfect! If only it was summer already and we could frolic in the surf, sigh.

  3. I love your frolic inchie - full of energy and good times (and, oh, how I long for warm weather frolicking in the water).

  4. WOW, that's a lot of detail in one inch. Your ocean looks wonderful. I 'd like to be there.

  5. Your Frolic Inchie is incredible! :-)


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