Thursday, 14 October 2010

Step by step soap making instructions

Well as promised here are the lavender soap, step by step instructions.

First I bought my ingredients which consisted of organic soap melt ( ready made soap melt mixture) essential oils and organic flower petals. (These items can be bought using adverts below right)
Set out all the items needed for your 1st batch, things you will need are a saucepan, wooden spoon and a plastic tray or cake tin for the soap to set in. Use any that will be the correct size of soap you need when sliced.

 Next place the soap melt base into the saucepan and place on the stove on a low heat.  Mix now and then until soap melts.

Add the essential oil of your choice, I have used lavender, remember to only add a couple of drops.

Next if you want flowers inside your soap you can sprinkle a few in the mix.  Add natural colourant of your choice today I tried using blackberry juice.

When all is mixed and melted together take off heat and pour into your tray.  I also added lavender petals on the top of the soap and pressed it down.

Cover the soap with a tea-towel whilst cooling to slow down the cooling process.  This will help prevent such a large amount of soap scum on the soaps surface.

When soap is cool press out of the tray, and cut into required chunks, you will have to trim a small amount of soap scum from the edge,  (you can keep this and use for yourself if you squash it all together into one piece) Then leave the soap to set for a few days before packaging.

As you may have noticed the Blackberries have given the soap a coffee colour, so in the future I will use them to make coffee soap, I might try dying with beetroot next week!

When I package my soaps I usually place them in piles in cello bags, these can be found on my advertising pages.  I also make labels listing all the ingredients used in soap, this always helps as so many people have allergies nowadays, even to organic products.

I will add photo of label later as I have yet to make it !  You may also want to write a do not eat sign for the soaps as previously a friend said " thanks for those I'll eat them later "


  1. Your soaps look gorgeous - do you do chocolate soaps?

  2. I am thinking of making chocolate cupcake soaps, stay posted !


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