Sunday, 31 October 2010

Fantastic Weekend (eventually)

Well, where shall I start !
Friday, the boiler stopped working, and we had no hot water or heating,
unless this has happened to you, you just don't realise how much you depend on running hot water, when you need it. Washing dishes, yourself, hair, cleaning etc....

The plumber ordered parts and had fixed it by sunday afternoon, Hooray!

Friday eve went to an art discussion by artist Ashley \hanson,
at the castle Bude.
It was very interesting and met fellow artist friends attending.

Today I have been making cards,These are a select few........

I have also been rummaging through the Flotsam & Jetsum on the tides edge, for interesting finds for card making!
Have left these bits to dry out.  A fantastic Day!

I have also completed my Theme Thursday card which is themed 'blue' this week.  Hope you like it!

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