Saturday, 9 October 2010

Blackberries for organic dying of soaps

Just picked some blackberries some of which will be used to dye my handmade soap.  Am going to be totally organic, a slight challenge but it will be worth it.
Have also put an order in for dried lavender, rose, and marigold petals. Have dried some of my own from my garden but I didn't have enough !

Well have plenty to be getting on with, need to make a crumble with most of the berries.

If you know of any helpful natural dying tips I would be grateful, I am quite limited by reds and purples at the moment.


  1. What a wonderful idea. And love the idea that it is all organic natural colouring. No other suggestions at the moment. Will you be posting information on your soaps? They sound lovely and would definately be interested in buying some.

  2. Yes, I will be posting step by step instructions, just keep posted, I'm just awaiting for all the dried flowers to arrive.


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