Thursday, 3 November 2011

Another set of christmas tags

Hi All
I have just completed another set of 10 Christmas tags commissioned by Lyn ( she loved her last set)
This time she wanted them all different which was quite a challenge, but I am pleased with the outcome.
She will receive them tomorrow I hope she likes them !

I have made these using Deco patch papers, I have also made many Christmas capsules and attached these.  I have used vintage lace and buttons for finishing touches.

Here they all are !
Angel tags

Santa Tags

Robin tags

Santa & Angel tag

Santa Tags

I'm glad I managed to get these finished as I feel the baby could be here any day now.


  1. They are fabulous! I am amazed you can still get that much crafting done, with the birth so imminent. Good for ya, girl!

  2. They are gorgeous.
    All the best for the birth.


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